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Head kicks and high-quality bants. Advocates for frequent mat cleaning. Professional chest waxing service.

In the 2023/2024 university year, OUMMA will be looking to add to our perfect 9-0 MMA record over Cambridge across 2 Varsity events, and compete in as many other tournies and friendlies as we can. Competing not so much your thing? No worries! Anyone and everyone is welcome to come and train, whether you're a seasoned competition veteran or a complete beginner just looking for a fun way to blow off steam.

We are incredibly lucky to have the wide variety of skilled coaches that we do, as well as a large selection of quality equipment and several matted areas to train. Whatever your skill level, all of our coached classes are open for attendance, and you will be free to progress at a pace tailored to you. Anyone looking to get a bit more sparring in is welcome to inquire about our Open Mat / Sparring sessions

Training runs from 1st - 8th Week every term, with some classes available over the holidays depending on demand.

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